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All manufacturers of foods are now legally required to show a lot of useful information about their product on the label. And online retailers will have to show on their website all the information which appears on labels - because a customer can't pick a product up and look at the label.

You will hear lots of complaints about how the EU is dictating to us etc etc. This is an agenda being pushed by rich people and companies behind the scenes because they hate having to show people the poor quality cheap ingredients they put in their products. Regulation 1169/2011 is a good example of why we need the EU. The EU isn't the perfect protector of the average person against rich companies - but their bureaucratic regulations are an attempt to help protect us from being ripped off. This new regulation means the law is on your side and if they hide any ingredient they are committing a crime. Up until now they could pick and choose what they showed you on the label. Now you can compare the ingredients of two food products and decide which is the best value. Also if you or your child is allergic to something they are now legally required to clearly show you if it has any allergens in it!

We have always shown the full list of a products ingredients on our website - and we are working hard to make sure all the additional information required by Regulation 1169/2011 is on our website and kept up to date. We also highlight on your invoice and delivery note if a food contains a major allergen.

We are also continuing to add as much data as possible about non-food products so that you can make an informed choice when you buy any product from us. As always we try to buy ethically and with the natural environment in mind.

Our website shows the following information about food products:
  • Disclosure of allergens.
  • Nutrition information.
  • Quantitive ingredients declaration (i.e. ingredients listed in order of quantity).
  • Storage conditions.
  • Country of origin.
  • Name and address of business producing the food.
  • Instructions for use.
  • Date information.
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