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We sell a range of whipped cream making equipment for whipping cream and the creation espuma foams/mousses. The cream charger cartridges contain a gas called Nitrous Oxide (N2O) that can be abused in the same way that glue or solvents. We call this 'misuse' because the product is not being used for the purpose it is designed. The risks of such misuse include narcosis, asphyxiation and potentially, death.

In order to combat misuse we require that customers purchasing a lot of the cream chargers confirm they are aware of the problem of misuse and will make every effort to prevent our products from being misused. It is an Offense to sell cream whipping chargers for the purpose of inhalation and an Offense to sell cream chargers to anyone under 18 - punishable by up to 6 months jail and/or a large fine. So if you are a catering retailer you must make sure that your customers are over 18 and are intending to use the cream chargers to make food.

If we suspect that you intend to misuse the cream chargers or sell them to others for misuse we will refuse to sell any equipment to you. We will refuse to do business with you in the future and your account (name, addresses etc) will registered in our database so that you cannot purchase form us again. At the request of the Police we securely store details of all cases of misuse of cream chargers that are reported to us. If the Police formally request information about a particular sale we will disclose it. But please trust that we value your right to privacy and are completely opposed to the state interfering in peoples lives unnecessarily. So we have strict procedures in place to make sure each request is specific to a particular case with a proper witness statement request and not a general request - i.e. a trawl for information.

We will not ship cream chargers to University Halls of Residence. For other University addresses, Colleges, Schools, and Hospitals we will contact you to verify use. Our couriers will NOT deliver to PO Boxes. The courier may require ID to prove you are over 18.

You must be over 18 to purchase from our website.
  • Keep cream chargers out of reach of children.
  • We will not sell to anyone under the age of 18.
  • We require confirmation that you are over 18 when you create an account or make a purchase.

    If you are a parent, guardian, teacher etc and suspect that a child in your care is misusing our products please contact us. We can arrange for a collection and refund of any items purchased - FREE OF CHARGE.

    If you have any queries about these issues or wish for us to collect some cream chargers that you believe are being misused please call us on 02392 378700.

    For more information about misue of nitrous oxide and other solvents there is a charty called Resolve which offers advice and support:
    They also have a downloadable fact sheet about N2O:

    Please read Paragraph 21 of our Terms & Conditions.

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