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Whipper Safety

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We have sold more than 100,000 Mosa cream whippers over the past 12 years and they have proven to be incredibly reliable as well as great value for money. They were designed by an ex-ISI engineer - so no short cuts were made with engineering or manufacturing processes.

We sell two types of cream whippers. Aluminium whippers with plastic heads which are designed for use at home and professional stainless steel whippers. If you are a commercial customer you must use our professional stainless steel whippers. The aluminium whippers are not suitable for heavy commercial use and must not be put into dishwashers.

Unfortunately factories in China have copied our design but taken short cuts with the safety features and manufacturing process. You can buy Chinese-made whippers that look similar to ours until you first use it - you'll see the valve mechanism is clumsy and the silicone seal quickly deteriorates.

Tragically a lady has died after one of these cheap Chinese whippers exploded:
http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/rebecca-burger-dead-fitness-blogger-dies-33-exploding-whipped-cream-dispenser-heart-attack-france-a7802186.html .

How to spot a dangerous cream whipper
  • The examples we have seen are all aluminium whippers with squarish plastic heads - our plastic heads are round.
  • The silicone seal inside the head is usually poor quality - discoloured and weak.
  • The cream release trigger uses a cross head screw that can unscrew. Ours cannot be unscrewed.

  • This is a list of all the incidents that have happened with these dangerous Chinese whippers.
  • https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/consumers_safety/safety_products/rapex/alerts/?event=viewProduct&reference=A12/0742/14
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